Privé Technologies at FinTech Soft-landing Programme.

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Privé Technologies, one of Asia’s foremost leading innovators in the financial and wealth management industry is selected as one of the three into the FinTech Soft-landing Programme for Hong Kong & Taiwan. The other 2 are TESS Asia and Mojodomo. Programme members will be endowed with a number of exclusive benefits by FintechSpace and Cyberport, including a two-week soft-landing in Aug 2019 and a free booth for FinTech Taipei 2019.

Supervised by the regulator, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), organized by the Taiwan Financial Service Roundtable (TFSR) and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF), FinTech Taipei is the grandest FinTech event in Taiwan, with international conference, 100+exhibition, and Business & Talent matchmaking. FinTech Taipei had attracted more than 30,000 attendees with 70% senior management and featured over 1,000 of the world’s top FinTech founders, investors, regulators, and academics in its first launched in 2018.

This year, with all the support from global and local, it is expected to scale up. “Matchmaking” session allows B2B FinTech companies to match with high-levels of FinTech institutions and building networks via Taiwan corporations.

With the benefits brought by the programme, it will be a good booster for Privé Technologies to continue expanding its market in APEC. Providing unique “Bank in a Box” services, there is evidence to believe that the expansion will bring more convenience to Finance Industry through technology.

Privé would thank FinTechSpace and Cyberport for giving us this opportunity.

It’s an honour to join in this programme and a big thank you to our team for working hard to achieve this.

- David Lee

Privé Technologies, our first Global Offsite

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5 July 2019 is a remarkable day for Privé Technologies as for the very first time, our team from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Munich, Indonesia, Frankfurt, and Vienna gathered in one place for Privé’s first global offsite meeting held in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which was ranked as World’s Top 500 Universities in Engineering & Technology.

We are overwhelmed with the success of the global offsite event hosted by the Advisory Team, Mr. Mark Voegt and Ms. Sharon Yow, Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Ms. Jessie Koo, Administrative Interns, Mr. Henrik Liapunov and Mr. Daniel Bryant and our dearest Interns from HKUST, who have spent months on the event preparation. 

Here are some of the pictures taken during the event:

Before we kicked off the team-building activities, our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mr. Charles Wong, took the stage to share our company’s vision, our rapid expansion, and how we as a team will continue to grow this year.

To unleash our creativity, all of us were divided into different groups and were given the chance to pitch our ideas to the management team. Each team shared their one-of-a-kind strategy on how Privé can achieve “Health, Wealth and Happiness’’ not just as a company, but as one big Privé family.

Our Co-founder and Co-CEO, Julian Schillinger, emphasised the importance of balancing our health and wealth. Before ending his inspiring speech, Mr. Charles Wong also added:

The only person or thing that will bring you happiness is YOU!

Here are more pictures from the event:

Once again, we would like to thank Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for making this collaboration happen and nurturing so many incredible talents in the industry.

Great thanks to our event organizers, Mr. Mark Voegt, Ms. Sharon Yow, Ms. Jessie Koo, Mr. Henrik Liapunov, Mr. Daniel Bryant and all the HKUST Interns. We are also very thankful of our panel judges, Ms. Solange Lee, Head of Application Support, Ms. Tian Qiuyan, Head of Digital Engagement & Advice and Mr Julien Musset, our Head of Quantitative Research for giving us the motivational pitch.

Last but not least, we’d like to say a big thank you to our Co-CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Charles Wong and Mr. Julian Schillinger for arranging this meeting. See you all in 2020!