Cyber Security: A Team Effort

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(Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Privé has a commitment to its customers to ensure a high level of cyber security. This means identifying the key components to give security the maximum amount of effectiveness. Whenever I speak to my peers about what they think is the most important aspect of security, I often get answers along the lines of:

  • “Getting the basics right is key. Asset management, access management, patch management etc. will help the most in keeping your company secure”
  • “You must ensure proper tooling and technical controls first and foremost. Else enforcing policies will never work reliably.”
  • “Ensure a proper implementation of frameworks and best practices. This will give you the most holistic understanding.”
  • “Focus on vulnerability management and closing gaps, This is how bad actors get in.”
  • “The most important part of security is training and testing. Human error is the biggest vulnerability.”
  • etc…

Whoever you speak with will have a different view on the topic, fully correct in its own right and based on different requirements and experiences. One of the biggest complexities cyber security must deal with is that proper security requires expertise from many different areas. Therefore, to us the most important part of security is: the team. This is not just the inhouse security team. The team reaches further into mutual collaborations and co-operations across different companies and individuals that we have built on a global level.

On the one hand, we thrive off the daily efforts of the international security community of thousands of collaborators. Their inspiring contributions give us access to a magnitude of information and tools that we can make use of, learn from or adapt to our requirements. On the other hand, we are directly collaborating with global security companies, bringing together their views and experiences to enrich our know-how and our capabilities. It is through this community that we are able to access everything necessary for a successful security setup early.

To achieve such a close symbiosis with the security industry, Privé has always taken major steps to build strong and integral partnerships with security vendors. Not just contractually, based on personal understanding of working towards the common goal of a more secure cyber world. Privé is working closely with many companies in different countries to ensure a fast and seamless exchange of knowhow, tools and ideas close to the sources. A good example is Privé’s collaboration with the Bulgaria-based XDR vendor XDRAIV. This company offers an important backbone to every security monitoring service. Privé has been working together with the security experts, technicians and management of XDRAIV to build up and configure an individualized security monitoring and IR platform that allows Privé to maintain years of data in a well categorized and accessible manner. In addition, the platform allows us to trace not just security issues, but furthermore compliance issues with regulations, for example GDPR, seamlessly in the same dashboards and using the same rules.

An important lesson we have learned is that the selection of security vendors is important - not just on a technical level but even more so on a collaborative one. If you are planning to build up or extend your company's cyber security, it more than pays off to invest time and resources into good vendor selection and management, while actively leveraging teamwork and networks.

Holger Sontag is Chief Information Security Officer at Privé Technologies

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