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Banking has evolved over the years, and so have the needs of the customer. Today banks and financial institutions are expected to:

  • Proactively help you achieve a quality life
  • Grow your wealth
  • Know your likes/dislikes

The passive nature of banks is no longer viable. In today’s climate, it’s not just about serving its customers, but actively engaging them on their health, wealth, and happiness. Digital Engagement is working towards a more holistic solution to cater to the banks and customers of tomorrow.

Referring Right
One of our key objectives at WealthUp is to bridge consumers and investors with the right financial advisor. Similarly, we’ve extended this to lifestyle offerings by successfully being part of a referral program that links users to a curated selection of vendors through our content pieces.

What’s In-Store
We’re continuously working to engage with our readers, and we can look forward to an enhanced WealthUp website, including access to the biggest thematic portfolio selections, AI-powered chatbot, as well as a revamped app.

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