Episode 01 – Julian Schillinger – Prive Technologies – Building Wealth Through Technology

Wealth, Podcast, Technology, Asian Fintech

Michael, Qiuyan and Julian talk about banks’ technological adoption during the past fifteen years and what it has meant and will mean for executives, customers, HNWI.

In addition, the conversations goes in depth on how FinTechs can ensure that their business is aligned with the existing market as well as how Privé Technologies product suite allow banks, EAMs, insurers, and others to take a holistic approach on wealth management with technology that covers everything from client outreach and information to wealth planning, robo-advisory, portfolio optimization and much more.

In movies like Terminator and Robocop, a lot of people believe that the terminator modules are machines in humans but, we believe in something that we call Bionic-Advisor in Privé Technologies.