3 Best Practices To Optimise Your Digital Client Experience

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In our previous post on Digital Client Experience (CX), we introduced the five key pillars of a user journey and how they might affect your client experience. On that note, we share some of the best practices to optimise your digital client experience.

Be Mobile
Did you know that the mobile traffics has shot up by 222% in the last 7 year? In fact, more than half of the traffic came from mobile phone just last year in 2019. What’s with 5G becoming more of a reality, mobile traffic can only be increasing at this point making it key to build your customer experience with mobile in mind. For example, even small enhancements such as making your website mobile adaptive go a long way in making your digital client experience smoother.

Data As A Driver
With so many interactions happening daily between your brand and customers, these are all great opportunities to truly know your clients. As hyper personalisation enables you to supply more relevant content, product, and service information to every user, it is important to study the data that supports every decision. Additionally, data gathered allows you to have a more efficient conversation within the organisation on:

  • What to start: Things you need to add on to your current solutions
  • What to stop: Things that do not add value or causing more faults
  • What to keep going: Things that have been giving value and can be enhanced over time

Always Test It Out
Finally, what's the use of any gained insight if you don't test it out? No matter how much data you have, you simply cannot predict everything - which is why it's necessary to always test out changes you're implementing and see how they impact a customer's decision. Perform A/B testings to help you make more informed decisions before jumping the gun.

Image Source: www_slon_pics from Pixabay

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