Bancassurance: Time for Digital

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Consumers are increasingly turning to digital channels that are offering greater streamlined experiences. They are getting more savvy and their financial needs are growing more complex - what does this mean for bancassurance? The Current State of BancassuranceAccording to the McKinsey study, Banks have been slow to implement a digital model for bancassurance. It’s time for them to rethink their distribution models to stay relevant in order to meet the growing needs of consumers. Customers in today’s faceless world rarely visit a physical bank branch and banks are yet to master the game of digitisation.The Need To Go DigitalBanks and insurers need to buckle up and provide comprehensive solutions to consumer demands. Digitisation is the key ingredient of growth for bancassurers. It promises in delivering value to both consumers and banks. Bancassurers have deterred from digitisation for way too long now. It is the key to expanding reach, cross-selling services, and transforming the way banks meet the rising needs of consumers.The Winning Formula for Sustained and Lasting Bancassurance GrowthPersonalisation, superior customer service, omni-channel engagement – paying close attention to these three components will ultimately help bancassurers achieve long-term growth.

  1. Boosting PersonalisationLeveraging data between banks and insurers will help boost personalisation as data and analytics provide consistency in solution recommendations.
  2. Offering Superior Customer ServiceAdopting a customer-centric approach will allow bancassurers to design and offer personalisation. There is also a need for a simple, end-to-end process to reduce barriers to relationship managers and sales in digital channels.
  3. Mastering Omnic-hannel ExperienceCustomers expect a seamless journey across channels and this requires both physical (personal) and digital channels. From initial contact to spark interest to keeping customers engaged with personalised and tailored content is the key to growth.

How Can We Help?Privé´s bancassurance solution enables a digital end-to-end journey that services Customers, Relationship Managers and Financial Advisors.

  1. We help create a holistic approach by incorporating insurance factors in wealth management conversationsOur digital transformation approach helps bancassurers define unique propositions, creating a unique experience for your partnership.
  2. We integrate data to promote Investment and Insurance insightsWe optimise customer journeys and interactions across channels by leveraging and combining technology and data. This helps to optimise the effectiveness of information between bank and insurer.

The Shift Towards Digitisation – The Way ForwardCapturing the incredible growth opportunities for bancassurance lies in digital and analytics capabilities. Combining the use of data and extending technology capabilities will enable banks to offer personalization, superior customer service, and a seamless omnichannel experience.Image Source: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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