Best Robo-Advisor in Germany uses software from Privé Technologies

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Best Robo-Advisor in Germany out of 24 offerings

Privé Technologies is proud to announce that in the newly released Robo-Advisor study by FondsConsult Research, the robo-advisory solution, Solidvest by DJE Kapital AG, which uses technology from Privé, has emerged as the winner! This study is over 80 pages long and takes into account 24 different providers in what is the most comprehensive study to date on digital asset management and current trends across German-speaking countries.

Privé Technologies and Solidvest

Since its launch in 2017, Solidvest utilizes technology from Privé that enables full automation of processes up to integrated order management and order routing, via a FIX interface to Baader Bank. The ability to settle fractional shares allows clients to start with lower investment levels and also enables Solidvest to offer comprehensive savings plans. Privé’s patented technology ‘Virtual Funds’ (vFunds) are used to manage thematic baskets.

Not just another Robo-Advisor

Solidvest is more than just a robo-advisor, it is a comprehensive digital wealth management offering. Unlike most typical robo-advisor solutions, which offer mainly ETF model portfolios, Solidvest provides its clients with actively managed portfolios and enables clients to invest in stocks and bonds globally.

Create Personalized Portfolios

‘Personalization’ is the buzzword of today’s robo-advisors. With Solidvest, clients can create unique and personalized portfolios that fit their investment needs and preferences. Clients are able to individualize their portfolios by choosing from ten different investment themes, such as infrastructure, health, digital innovation and raw materials.They can also exclude specific individual securities from their portfolios. This results in a portfolio that the client is personally involved in, creating a better and more involved customer experience.

Learn more about Solidvest here.

About Privé Technologies

Founded in 2011, Privé Technologies is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider digitizing wealth management services of Banks, Asset Managers or Insurers. Our suite of products spans from client acquisition, digital onboarding and robo-advisory solutions, to portfolio construction, AI optimization, portfolio management (PMS), portfolio monitoring and reporting, to account aggregation, and more. Our lego block approach allows clients to choose and assemble unique journeys using Privé modules to suit their individual needs, such as fully digital Advisor-led wealth management journeys or end-to-end robo-advisory solutions. Privé Technologies services over 70 blue-chip clients across 16 markets globally and currently has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany and Austria.

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