Bridging the digital divide with Privé Technologies

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Within the next 10-20 years, it is estimated that over 90% of available jobs will require some form of digital literacy. Privé Technologies believes very strongly in bridging the digital divide, and is proud to work together with Boundless Voices and Grassroots Future to empower those who lack ready access to computers with essential digital knowledge.

Throughout a week-long digital literacy class, a young group of refugee children in Hong Kong were immersed in the digital world. They were taught key digital skills such as how to perform effective and reliable research and navigate educational resources like Khan Academy and Scratch. The students were also cautioned on the importance of staying safe online and monitoring their digital footprint.

Privé Technologies is proud to support this endeavor by providing the learning environment and the technological resources necessary for such a course to succeed. In addition, our software architects also volunteered to offer deeper insights into the computer science industry, which helped students to broaden their horizons and consider opportunities they may not have thought about before.

Just as it is our mission to democratize access to wealth management, we sincerely believe in making digital knowledge more accessible to those of every socioeconomic background. Learn more about the work that Boundless Voices and Grassroots Future do.

About Privé Technologies:

Founded in 2011, Privé Technologies is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider digitizing wealth management services of Banks, Asset Managers or Insurers. Our suite of products spans from client acquisition, digital onboarding and robo-advisory solutions, to portfolio construction, AI optimization, portfolio management (PMS), portfolio monitoring and reporting, to account aggregation, and more. Our lego block approach allows clients to choose and assemble unique journeys using Privé modules to suit their individual needs, such as fully digital Advisor-led wealth management journeys or end-to-end robo-advisory solutions. Privé Technologies services over 70 blue-chip clients across 16 markets globally and currently has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany and Austria.

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