INFINITECH x Privé Technologies: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Finance

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As a member of the INFINITECH H-2020 program funded by the European Union, Privé Technologies is proud to have contributed our industry expertise and knowledge to this comprehensive review of Big Data and AI in digital finance.Chapter 11, Personalized Portfolio Optimization Using Genetic (AI) Algorithms, was co-written by Privé Technologies’ Roland Meier and Rene Danzinger, and explores in detail:

  • The issues with traditional methods of portfolio optimization
  • An explanation and history of genetic algorithms in nature
  • The mathematics behind Privé's genetic approach
  • How Privé's approach works, using sustainability preferences as a key example
  • The ways in which Privé's fitness factors' can create better and more effective personalized portfolios  

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We would like to thank the INFINITECH program for enabling us to carry out this in-depth research and look forward to our continued partnership. Learn more about the INFINITECH program here.

About the INFINITECH program:

Despite rising investments in Big Data, AI and IoT in finance and insurance, a set of challenges still must be overcome to improve the overall efficiency of business processes and optimize decision making in the finance and insurance sectors. Regulatory barriers, the lack of datasets, testbeds and validated business models prevent us from realizing the full potential of these new technologies. This led global leaders in ICT and finance to join forces and create INFINITECH, gathering 48 partners in 16 countries across the EU, with a budget over 21 million euros. The three-year project will be centered around 14 high impact pilots and 9+2 testbeds. The major force of this project lies in the diversity of the partners forming the consortium, all bringing something to the table to create an unprecedented overall knowledge of the fintech and insurtech sector.

About Privé Technologies:

Founded in 2011, Privé Technologies is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider digitizing wealth management services of Banks, Asset Managers or Insurers. Our suite of products spans from client acquisition, digital onboarding and robo-advisory solutions, to portfolio construction, AI optimization, portfolio management (PMS), portfolio monitoring and reporting, to account aggregation, and more. Our lego block approach allows clients to choose and assemble unique journeys using Privé modules to suit their individual needs, such as fully digital Advisor-led wealth management journeys or end-to-end robo-advisory solutions. Privé Technologies services over 70 blue-chip clients across 16 markets globally and currently has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany and Austria.

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