Privé Technologies is proud to present a new feature on its platform

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Privé Technologies is proud to present a new feature on its platform that enables investors to exclude individual securities from their securities account, and to comply with legal regulations affecting certain professional groups.Auditors, lawyers, managers and employees in the financial industry are familiar with this problem (i.e. directors dealing or insider trading). Understanding this concern and challenge, Privé now offers investors and advisors the function of excluding individual securities from the portfolio.In an individual list, shares, bonds and all affected securities that may not be traded or held in the client's portfolio can be defined. This ensures that internal requirements or compliance regulations are not violated. This new feature is also aimed at investors who wish to exclude securities from their portfolio for ethical reasons, for example securities that do not meet sustainability criteria. The "Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-digit identification number, is used to uniquely identify the securities concerned.Privé developed this additional function together with Soldivest. On that note, Sebastian Hasenack, Head of Solidvest, DJE's online asset manager, says: "Regardless of performance and risk aspects, the Restricted List function is an important feature in response to increased demand from existing and potential customers. We are pleased to be able to offer this service as a first mover with immediate effect".