Privé Technologies signs three-way cooperation agreement with South Korean FinTech startup Quantit and data provider Nice P&I

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Privé Technologies is proud to announce that we have signed a three-way Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with South Korean FinTech startup Quantit and data provider Nice P&I. Together, we will cooperate on asset management solutions, as well as related business services within the South Korean market.Privé Technologies will serve as a domestic and global market supplier of asset management solutions and provide bond data from domestic and international financial institutions. In addition, Privé will offer distribution channels by incorporating software solutions into Privé’s wealth management platform. Nice P&I will also aid this effort by participating in the distribution of bond data and in joint sales.

Quantit will lead the development of a comprehensive asset management solution that includes bond data analysis and will expand its existing solutions while pushing for new business opportunities.

President of Privé Technologies, David Lee, noted, “Privé’s cloud-based FinTech software has been developed by providing services to more than 60 financial institutions around the world, including the world’s largest bank. We will become a collaborative partner to provide global asset management solutions in the South Korean market through this MOU.”

“We are happy to strengthen the foundation for a stable supply of wealth solution technology recognized by global financial institutions based on Hong Kong Privé Technologies’ trust since its entry into Korea in 2021, and we will complete our work with a sense of responsibility and mission,” said Duck-hee Han, CEO of Quantit.

Previously, Quantit and Privé Technologies were jointly honoured with the Best Disruptive Solution award at the 7th Technology Award 2021, organized by the global financial magazine Asian Private Banker.

About Privé Technologies:

Founded in 2011, Privé Technologies is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider digitizing wealth management services of Banks, Asset Managers or Insurers. Our suite of products spans from client acquisition, digital onboarding and robo-advisory solutions, to portfolio construction, AI optimization, portfolio management (PMS), portfolio monitoring and reporting, to account aggregation, and more. Our lego block approach allows clients to choose and assemble unique journeys using Privé modules to suit their individual needs, such as fully digital Advisor-led wealth management journeys or end-to-end robo-advisory solutions. Privé Technologies services over 70 blue-chip clients across 16 markets globally and currently has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Germany and Austria.

About Quantit:

Quantit is recognized as one of the leading fintech companies in Korea, producing and supplying market-leading (based on return performance verified by the Korean government) diverse models that satisfy the needs of financial investment companies and their B2C clients. With the mission of “Bring Augmented AI Forces in Financial Investment,” Quantit works closely with its parent company “VAIV Company (KOSDAQ Listed),” which is one of the leading AI companies in Korea.

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