What’s in Store for Privé in 2023

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Despite the challenges of the bear market in 2022, in which many FinTech stocks saw the value of their stocks drop after their post-pandemic rise, Privé Technologies has had much to celebrate about. From fulfilling our goal of continuing our global growth and partnering with new clients in South Korea, to collaborating with new investors in previously untapped markets like Japan, Privé has made great strides in achieving our vision of making wealth management more accessible to all.This 2023, we want to do more.

Leveraging our End-to-End Platform

In 2022, we noticed that many banks are combining their mass affluent, retail and private banking offerings into a single platform for today’s and future business models. This allows for end-clients to experience greater mobility between segments, channels, and offerings. In line with this, Privé will leverage our end-to-end platform to service more clients who want a unified platform to build different business models on, including Advisor and B2C, Discretionary and Advisory, as well as Mass Affluent and HNWI. With our unified and modular platform approach, which avoids the issues of working with multiple vendors and stitched-together solutions, Privé is well-positioned to meet these needs.

Global Growth

While we had many successes in 2022, in 2023 we want to keep expanding and bringing Privé’s wealth management services not only to new and exciting markets but to join our existing clients in other countries that they service as well. We predict that financial institutions will  increasingly want a single platform to service and connect the countries that they operate in across the globe. This is a need that Prive, with our modular and cloud-native approach, are well-positioned to service.

Innovating Hyper-personalization

The Netflix-style trends of hyper-personalization and algorithmic tailoring here to stay in wealth management, with many clients, especially those that grew up as digital natives, demanding services that would enable them to customize portfolios to their specific needs and wants. This is an area that Privé excels in and will continue to innovate in, bolstering our award-winning and patented solutions like our AI-powered goal-based portfolio construction engine.

Building on Axial

In 2023, we see more Software-as-a-Service companies shifting away from ‘Software-in-a-Box’ to offer something closer to a ‘Business Model-in-a-Box’. One way Privé is leading this shift is with Axial, our fully-owned digital separately managed account (SMAs) platform. Axial manages client accounts on behalf of financial institutions, allowing them to have the full functionality of SMA services in their wealth management platform, while ensuring it also remains cost-effective.

Our goals for the year are ambitious, but we know that with the support of our highly-talented and experienced team, anything is possible. We are looking forward to what 2023 will have in store for us and are excited for what is to come. From everyone here at Privé, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

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