Where To Start With Digital Client Experience?

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As we shift into an increasingly faceless world, it is important to ensure that your client experience doesn’t lose that personal touch. A good digital client experience (CX) should ensure that your clients feel valued and understood, regardless of where the engagement happens. Taking things online, a good digital CX prioritises the whole online experience and journey that clients go through as they engage and interact with your brand - so let’s get to it.

What Customers Expect
Your offline approach should not be similar to your online approach for the very reason that customers expectations are very different online and offline. Here are a few things to consider:

What affects the client’s buying behaviour?
For example, offline customers can be swayed even with the smallest things such as lighting in the store, atmosphere, other customers or setting. With some of these factors being external, customers tend to be more sympathetic towards the business as they understand that a business isn’t directly responsible for every factor that may affect their shopping experience.

On the other hand, customers might not be as forgiving when they shop online. Being the savvy consumers of today, they expect service and efficiency at the speed of light - or in this context, at the click of a button.

What journey do you want them to take?
Similar to how some physical stores curate what items to display, the user journey plays a huge role in your digital CX. According to Qualtrix, there are seven stages to consider in your digital CX:

  1. Awareness
  2. Discovery
  3. Evaluate
  4. Conversion
  5. Experience
  6. Support
  7. Repurchase

When you map out this journey, it’s essential to understand their preferences at each stage to ensure a hyper-personalised journey. When their voices are heard at the different stages, it builds trust and makes it easier to attract and retain customers.

What tools can improve the experience?

While they might have different expectations online and offline, customers do expect one thing - a seamless omnichannel experience. Customer touch-point tools and technologies are a great value-add to digital customer experience. From chatbots to hyper-personalisation and gamification, these tools enable increased productivity, automated processes and better engagement.

Image Source: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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